Nonprofit Website


In the same way that businesses need websites to be their online presence, nonprofits do as well. A nonprofit website is the easiest way for many potential donors to make donations and will be the first place many people look to learn more about a nonprofit and determine if they want to support it. Medexploran Infotech Pvt. Ltd. can be considered your best partner for such a community services. We acknowledges ,If you have or are considering starting a nonprofit, then building a website for your organization through us is a crucial step in proving your legitimacy and reaching more people.

You can use your website created with us to promote the projects your organization tackles, encourage followers to take action, and for accepting donations as well. We facilitate integrating various payment gate ways for your website. We have a proficiency since you want  To take donations through the website, you’ll have to take some of the same steps that the owners of ecommerce sites do. In particular, make sure you get an SSL certificate to make sure all payments are secure, and set up a merchant account so that you can accept credit card payments.

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